Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring is on it's Way!

 Spring is on it's way!

February blusters it's last breath
whipping wind and flurries
swirl about
blinding blizzards
make us doubt
that we'll ever see the sun again.

But don't you fret
and don't forget that
Spring is on it's way!

Satan blusters his last breath
whipping up evil and fury
inciting man to
fear and doubt
that God has forgotten us here.

But don't you fret
and don't forget that
Jesus is on His way!

  For in just a very little while, 
"He who is coming will come and will not delay."
Hebrews 3:7

(Copyright© 2015 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Birds of a feather

Artwork use by permission from Graphics Fairy

 If God has given you a handful of friends,
then you've been blessed beyond measure!

I have a friends, who have blessed my life
and given me moments to treasure.

Thank you, Lord, for my friends
one of life's greatest pleasures!

(Copyright© 2015 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Will Never Give Up!

Those who live according
to the flesh have their minds set
on what the flesh desires;
but those who live according
to the Spirit have their minds set
on what the Spirit desires.
Romans 8:5

I Will Never Give Up

My head is bowed down
My spirit broken
for I have failed, yet again,
to do the very thing I want to do
and done the very thing I
didn't want to do.

The flesh is a demanding
cacophany, ever clamoring
to be satisfied.

I stand firm...for a while,
then cave in a weak moment
that begins a rapid descent 
out of

I am ashamed
 that once again
I have let you down
let myself down.

The only spark of joy
the only light
is the knowledge
that you still love me

As I kneel before you, now
please forgive me.
Set my feet back on the right path.
Renew my strength and
help me to start again.

Help me to ignore the constant clamor
of my flesh, for things that 
tear me down, rather than build me up.

As I rise, I will go
in the power of your Holy Spirit,
with my mind set on 
what the Spirit desires.

I go...
back into the battle

I will fight the demands of my flesh
as long as I live and
I will never give up!

(Copyright© 2014 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I hear a voice

I hear a voice...

He calls to me
and I am drawn
away from the noise
to a quiet place.

He stills my hurried heart
calms my spirit
with inaudible
deep whispers.

He reveals purpose
and truth,
stirring me
to push on...

deeper still
into the
His fathomless love

and when I am 
He sends me out
to fulfill
that for which
He created me.


(Copyright© 2012 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)
photo credit: Giampaolo Macorig via photopin cc

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Dandelion's Mission

The Dandelion

 Summer's gone
the dandelion has faded
its petals are dried and fragile.

A weed, good for nothing
they say,
but what do they know?

For in that fragile skeleton
abides abundant life.

The Lord, God sends the wind
sometimes a gentle breeze
that nudges a few seeded petals 
from their security...
Sometimes the winds of adversity
that whirl and swirl
stripping the dandelion
sending out seed
on the breath of God.

He carries them on the wind.

What seems to be random
is very deliberate
for He alone knows
where to carry the seeds
to fertile ground.

Your life, like the dandelion
has been more productive
 than you know,
for the seeds you've scattered
have taken root
and grown in the hearts
of those you've touched.

Though our time
seems fleeting
and sometime

Though we've too quickly
lost our bloom
don't dispair
for we have planted seeds
that will be watered
by the Lord
and nourished long after we're gone.

Proudly stands the dandelion
for she knows
that she has been used by God
to spread His love
around the world.


(Copyright© 2013 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)

 Photo courtesy LifeSupercharger (License)
Original photo altered

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wonder - Awestruck Wonder

photo courtesy Justine Gallien of PYP Portraits, LLC
 I pray - I wait - and I wonder.

I wonder at the knowledge that God hears me
that He loves me and
that He cares about what concerns me.

I wonder how He will answer my prayer
Not if  He will answer,
but how he will answer...and when.

I wonder how He will take the perplexities in my life
and turn them around for my good.

I wonder how He will use these circumstances to mold
me into the image of Christ.

I wonder at the hardships He allows so that I may grow
and comfort others with the comfort
He has given me
through the storms.

I wonder at the blessings He pours out
Unearned, undeserved
undeniably an outpouring of grace.

I look wonder
awestruck wonder
and gaze into the face of
perfect love.

"Who among the gods is like you, Lord?
Who is like you— majestic in holiness,
awesome in glory, working wonders?"
Exodus 15:11

(Copyright© 2013 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birds of a Feather

 (Copyright© 2013 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)
Photo frame courtesy Graphics Fairy

We sing your praise, All Mighty God We shout name on high Our voices blend together, Lord
in harmony we fly to carry your song throughout the world the message of your love from earth below to skies above May your name be glorified!