Friday, November 9, 2012

Encourage the Dreamer

photo courtesy  CherieWren,
Encourage the Dreamer
Once there was a girl who's dreams had all been crushed
by nay-sayers and people who gave her practical reasons
for why she would never succeed
She believed them, because they were people she loved
and because she knew that they loved her
The dreams died on the vine
Years later, at the end of her life, she realized that
with just a little encouragement, she would have believed
in herself enough to reach for her dreams and acheived them.
She realized that it was too late in life to acheive many of
the dreams she'd had, but she wondered if it was
to late to dream again
When someone shares their dreams, you have an opportunity
to encourage and be a part of seeing their dreams realized
or discourage and being a part of self-doubt that plagues them
(Copyright© 2012 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)

For 5 Ways to be an Encourager, see an article I wrote for Encourage 365

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