Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Wandering Mind But Not a Wandering Heart

I pace and I pray and I pour out my cares
here in your Presence, Oh Lord,
when suddenly I'm shocked to find my thoughts
turning to other things.

How can that be?

I'm here with You and lesser things
are pulling me away?

I yank myself back, 
determined to shut out the world.

For though my mind may wander,
my heart never will.


(Copyright© 2017 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)


  1. This describes me perfectly. I constantly draw my mind away from earthly things and back to the Lord during my prayer time. It's a tool the devil uses to distract me.

  2. So, I'm not alone in this. I think if we took the time to really think about who we are talking to in prayer, we might be so awed that thinking of other things would happen less. I mean, He's the God of all the universe and the only one to satisfy our deepest desires, right?